InnoScan 710 from Innopsys

InnoScan 710 from Innopsys

InnoScan 710 from Innopsys

  • Two-colour fluorescence scanner having a resolution of 3 micron/pixel
  • Dynamic range higher than 6 orders of magnitude in dynamic range extension mode (16-bit and 20-bit tiff image)
  • Fatest scanner of the market, less than 4 minutes to scan a full slide
  • Full compatibility with all microrray based on standard microscope slide
  • Single slide and 24-slide scanner version available




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Fluorescence scanner: 2-colour fluorescence detection (532 nm and 635 nm)

Open scanner: compatible for all microarrays based on standard glass slide format, characterized by its simplicity of use at a competitive price, the ideal tool for routine microarray use

Real-time autofocus optimized for all substrates: perfect homogeneity across the entire reading surface, higher signal to noise ratio

Scanning time: less than 4 minutes to read an entire slide with resolutions of 10 µm/pixel

Unique resolution of 3 micron/pixel

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