• T-Cell Services

    Map T-cell epitopes and monitor cellular immune responses.

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  • PEPperCHIP® Monkeypox Virus Peptide Microarray

    PEPperCHIP® Monkeypox Virus Peptide Microarray

    Profile epitope-level antibody responses against 33 Monkeypox Virus proteins in one single assay.

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  • PEPperCHIP® Pan-AAV Capsid Protein Microarray

    PEPperCHIP® Pan-AAV Capsid Protein Microarray

    Profile epitope-level antibody responses against 15 AAV capsid proteins in one single assay.

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  • PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarrays

    PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarrays

    Quality microarrays uniquely created for your research.

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From epitope identification to sequence characterization, get more information from your antibodies or sera

Gain meaningful research insights with PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays and PEPperMAP® Services

Personalized content

Turn any protein sequence into a linear or conformational peptide libraries.

Quick setup

Design your custom peptide library in minutes with the help of our project specialists.

High-resolution mapping

Identify single amino acid effects with maximally overlapping peptide libraries.

Scientific expertise

Get full scientific support from our experts from initial project planning to final reporting.

Rigorous quality control

Trust that every product and service is delivered with the highest quality standards.

Tailored solutions

Get the most value for your budget with different project packages to choose from.

How do PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays work?

Learn more about the research applications of PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarrays in this short video.

Different diseases and treatments shape an individual host's antibody response profile. These profiles are characterized by unique antibody binding sites on protein targets, known as epitopes. Using PEPperPRINT's unique laser printing technology, entire protein targets can be translated into highly overlapping peptide libraries in a convenient microarray format, allowing for both in-depth and high-throughput screening of immunogenic epitopes.

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